Frank P. Prager
Writing Services
Writing services are offered that fit corporate as well as small business and personal needs. No two customer's requirements for written copy are ever the same. Copy is customized to fit specific client's needs, thereby producing one-of-a-kind writing that specifically targets the intended audience. A personalized, professional approach to discovering information and presenting it in an appropriately engaging format gets the attention and results desired for each unique situation.

Attract the attention your organization or event is seeking through a high profile press release that sets the tone you seek while capturing the interests of your intended audience.
Press Releases -
Captivate, motivate and inspire your audience with words sculpted to bring humor, reverence or professionalism to any topic for any occasion.
Speeches -
Land that job or promotion with a resume that stands out. Top quality, professional resumes with a proven track record of success.
Resumes -
Memoires -
& Histories
Present the story of your life or the history of your projects in compelling, memorable language that will become a treasured keepsake, inspiration or roadmap for generations to come.
Communicate and entertain by presenting information in an engaging format tailored to captivate, amuse and intrigue your audience. Frame your message as a one-of-a-kind story. Include your audience members as characters. Make your point with mystery, adventure or drama.
Stories -
Add punch and color to existing writing through rewriting services that turns ordinary copy into captivating narrative or oratory. Improve club newsletters or corporate communication. Make that letter to a friend express your real feelings.
Rewriting -
Highlight your business or organization by making a feature article available for publication in newspapers and magazines. Frank Prager has written hundreds of feature articles for establishments and associations large and small.
Feature Articles -